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Whatever Happened to...

Jaleel White


As a kid... Urkel!

 Jaleel White played the annoying nerd Steve Urkel on the popular TV show Family Matters". He appeared on the show from 1989-1998 and started off as a guest apperance on the show as Laura's first date.

The reaction to him on the show was overwhelming so it was decided to keep him on the show. He became very famous because of his nerdy role. Eventually they even came out with a Steve Urkel doll, and also a cereal called Urkel O's. Jaleel White was born on November 7, 1976 and started coming in commercials at the age of 3. The first television role Jaleel had was in 1985 on "The Jeffersons." He also did a couple of TV movies before starring on "Family Matters."



 After the show ended, Jaleel White did the voice of one of the characters for the cartoon movie Quest For Camelot. He also did a TV series which only lasted a year called Grown Ups. In that sitcom he played a 24 year old post college graduate.

White graduated from UCLA Film School in 2001. He now lives in a condo in California and enjoys playing basketball, and is a professional writer. Credit's include Jaleel White's Blog on


Just a side note from me... I had Steve Urkel color forms.. do you remember what colorforms were!!! They still have them some places!

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